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What is ESRIS Scheme?

What is Edible-Birdnest Swiftlet Ranching Share Farming Interest Scheme ?

The booming swiftlet ranching and bird’s nest industry has attracted many newcomers interested in the business. However, success stories are few and far between. The Group noted that smallholders often have limited resources and lack growth potential. To be successful in such an industry one needs huge capital, vast knowledge and time as well as practise risk spreading.

With smallholders facing such constraints, investors tend to be wary. However such fears will be allayed with the Scheme aiming to provide the near-perfect solution. By pooling together resources of smallholders and using an investment approach that is both professional and systematic, the ESRIS Scheme would be able to share the benefits of economies of scale with all involved. Much effort has been put in by the Group to obtain all the necessary approvals and licenses - under close scrutiny of the authorities - to launch this first ever licensed Swiftlet Ranching Interest Scheme.


According to projections by independent consultants, each unit of the Scheme would be able to earn RM270,000 in 35 years, an average annual return of over 75%! It is hard to find any investment scheme in the market now with similar projections.

There will be no return during the initial investment period when the Scheme commences with the purchasing of farms and ranching activities start to pick up, waiting for the next generation of swiftlets to settle in the farms. Nevertheless, the Scheme has sufficient capital to provide for returns during the initial years in the form of vouchers. Investors will be given RM800 worth of vouchers to redeem quality bird’s nest products in the first 6 years of investment. These vouchers form part of the Guaranteed Return of the Scheme policy. Based on a RM12,000# investment, an RM800 voucher represents 8% return per annum, much higher than the fixed deposit rates of 3% to 4% offered by banks or some unit trust companies.

From year 4 to year 35, a yearly return will be derived from the bird’s nest harvest. It is projected that for every one unit of investment, the return will be RM270,000. This projection has been verified by established independent swiftlet ranching consultants and the figures given are considered to be conservative estimates.

# Management company reserves the rights to change the purchase price.

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