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"Low-Risk and High-Return" Investment for All
Why ESRIS Scheme?
"Low-Risk and High-Return" Investment for All

The Scheme is considered a low-risk investment with an expected high return. Not only is it the first of its kind in Malaysia, it is probably the only one of such investment in the world.

Malaysians can invest in a minimum of one Interest Scheme unit, whereas the minimum for foreigners is 3 Interest Scheme Units. Each Interest Scheme Unit is valued at RM12,000#. The low investment entry value is one of the features that makes the Scheme accessible to most investors. There is no maximum limit of investment imposed so you can invest more for a higher return.

Through this Scheme, investors could be involved in a certified and systematic large scale swiftlet ranching business. This is an ideal investment for those seeking a regular income for retirement, savings, children’s education, as well as the preservation of capital, hedge against inflation, all of which will translate into a better lifestyle. On top of that, one could also enjoy the beauty and health benefits by consuming the said products.

# Management company reserves the rights to change the purchase price.

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